Kids Yoga Ages 8 - 11: Term 1
February 12, 2020 April 1, 2020

Series Of Classes

Total # of Classes
Class length
60 minutes
Bloom Yoga Kingsley
Play based kids yoga classes use imaginative themes to engage active minds and bodies.  

Introducing yoga to children can improve concentration as well as learning how to relax and move in their own bodies.  Classes are offered in a non-competitive and nurturing room by a qualified children's yoga and primary school teacher who also brings a background in dance and drama.

Daily life skills are built helping them:
to relax
ground themselves
cope with everyday challenges

Small class sizes at Bloom help create a group synergy and foster a nurturing learning environment.
Through teamwork, connections are made and often kids come out of this workshop with a new best friend, or a better relationship with themselves.  

8 week term $140 inclusive of GST

The class takes place on...

February 12 at 4:30 pm (Wednesday)
February 19 at 4:30 pm (Wednesday)
February 26 at 4:30 pm (Wednesday)
March 4 at 4:30 pm (Wednesday)
March 11 at 4:30 pm (Wednesday)
March 18 at 4:30 pm (Wednesday)
March 25 at 4:30 pm (Wednesday)
April 1 at 4:30 pm (Wednesday)

This class series has already started. Please contact us directly to register.