Yin + Flow Series: Monday
March 2 (Monday) at 5:30 pm

Class length
1 hour 15 minutes
Bloom Yoga Kingsley
Yin + Flow combines the dynamic movement of vinyasa: strengthening, revitalising and active yoga postures interspersed with the stillness and quiet of static yin yoga.

Each Yin + Flow Series follows a set sequence of postures for 5 consecutive weeks - we believe this method of learning allows students to build confidence and progress while also integrating different yogic concepts within sequence from week to week.  

Each 75 minute class starts with a breathing practice and a gentle warm-up, gradually building into a specially sequenced VINYASA flow to invigorate and open your body interspersed with long static holds Yin Yoga postures which encourage mobility and mindfulness.

Students enrolled in the series are welcome to make ONE class up in the same term of classes.  

Please note that as this class runs on a Monday - there are NO classes on public holidays.  

Suitable for all levels of students.

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