Women's Moon Flow + Meditation - 7 May 2019 (1/9)
May 7 (Tuesday) at 7:30 pm

Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
Bloom Yoga Kinglsey
Honouring the feminine, fluid energy of the moon, each class is a balance of yin (cooling) and yang (warming) energies.  Postures will strengthen major muscle groups, aid flexibility and provide therapeutic benefits for digestion, reproduction, stress-relief and insomnia to name just a few benefits.  

Suitable for beginners to advanced yogis alike, the aim here is to take the time for YOU, the nurturer. 

This is an opportunity to let go of the many roles we assume to move, breathe and connect in a safe, supported and welcoming space in the company of other women.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!